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  1. I can't remember to tell you the truth. I was betting on the fact that they had no records and I won the bet. Prove it or remove it!!!!!!!!!
  2. The address I used was First Premier Bank 601 S Minnesota Ave Sioux Falls, SD 57104 They were pretty easy to get rid of looking back.
  3. I don't remember seeing anything before the CO was posted. They haven't sent anything since. The CO was posted 6 months ago do the 30 days has long passed.
  4. I have a recent Charge Off reporting on all thre CRA's. It is from a checking account that was overdrafted late last year. By the time I had the funds to bring the account current it was too late, they reported the account as a CO. The only reason I know about it is I am a daily puller.They haven't sent anything yet asking me to pay the account. I tried to work out a PFD and they won't budge. I went to the VP of collecitons and explained my situation. He didn't care. He keeps saying you owe the money pay it. I keep telling him I'll pay it if your remove the CO. They have done PFD's before so w
  5. Thanks, I will try the 611 method. I have done the 623 and go the same response. We have sold this to XYZ and ABC.
  6. I sent Cap1 Police report, ID theft Affidavit and letter asking for all documents on two accounts that were from ID Theft. They sent me a letter stating they sold the accounts to XYZ and ABC JDB's and I need to call them. However, they did not block the information on my CR. Can I go after them for damages and violations?
  7. I sent a Jack attack letter months ago and it did not work. The problem is the OC will verify no matter what. I talked to an attorney today and he likes my case. I am now going to go the legal route and see how long it takes to get this deleted.
  8. Trans Union has an office in the same city I work in which happens to be the court I will file at. They also have a registered agent in California. I'm going to the court house on Monday to find out in person.
  9. I have an OC reporting a account that was charged off and sold. Every time I dispute with the CRA's the account gets verified. I have done every type of dispute I could think of. I sent the OC numerous 623 disputes and they only sent me a letter saying the account was sold to XYZ JDB. I called them and they told me they have no records of the account they can send me and I need to contact the XYZ JDB for the documents because when they sell an account, all of the documents are transferred with the sale. I asked them how they could verify that the account was being reported correctly with the
  10. Thank you for all of the help so far. I did find that the California Civil Code 1785.16(k) says that they must block the info so I would not have to use the FCRA. Why would small claims be a bad idea? I sued a CA in small claims and the jusge ordered them to remove the TL from my CR's or pay me 1500 in penaltys. The CA removed the TL. I am hoping the judge will do the same thing. If I have to go to Civil court do attornies take these cases on contingency? It seems like a pretty cut and dry case.
  11. I have two CO's on my credit report that TU flat out refuses to block due to ID Theft. I sent them a police report as well as the FTC ID Theft Affidavit. I went to the BBB, FTC and AG. Nothing has helped. I have read numerous posts that this is common practice for TU. The office that is handling this is in the same city that I work in. It would be so easy to file in small claims against them. Has anyone had any experience with suing them? Can I sue them in small claims? Thanks...