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  1. I can't remember to tell you the truth. I was betting on the fact that they had no records and I won the bet. Prove it or remove it!!!!!!!!!
  2. The address I used was First Premier Bank 601 S Minnesota Ave Sioux Falls, SD 57104 They were pretty easy to get rid of looking back.
  3. I don't remember seeing anything before the CO was posted. They haven't sent anything since. The CO was posted 6 months ago do the 30 days has long passed.
  4. I have a recent Charge Off reporting on all thre CRA's. It is from a checking account that was overdrafted late last year. By the time I had the funds to bring the account current it was too late, they reported the account as a CO. The only reason I know about it is I am a daily puller.They haven't sent anything yet asking me to pay the account. I tried to work out a PFD and they won't budge. I went to the VP of collecitons and explained my situation. He didn't care. He keeps saying you owe the money pay it. I keep telling him I'll pay it if your remove the CO. They have done PFD's before so why not this time? The only saving grace I can think of is the fact that they never sent me any type of notice that they were going to report the CO'ed account to the CRA's. I was under the impression that they needed to send me some sort of notification that they are going to report it either 30 days before or 30 days after per the FCRA 623(a)(7)(A)(i): In general.If any financial institution that extends credit and regularly and in the ordinary course of business furnishes information to a consumer reporting agency described in section 603(p) furnishes negative information to such an agency regarding credit extended to a customer, the financial institution shall provide a notice of such furnishing of negative information, in writing, to the customer. ( (i) The notice required under subparagraph (A) shall be provided to the customer prior to, or no later than 30 days after, furnishing the negative information to a consumer reporting agency described in section. I told them that I don't remember ever seeing any sort of notice that they would report this debt. He couldn't provide me with any notice and told me I could go ahead and sue them and they would dig it up for me. I explained to him that I do not want to sue you. I want to pay the alleged debt, I just want you to remove the CO from my reports. He said he would not do that. Would a simple 623 dispute asking for proof that they gave me notice under the FCRA 623(a)(7)(A)(i) obligate them send me the proof? Any other help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Thanks, I will try the 611 method. I have done the 623 and go the same response. We have sold this to XYZ and ABC.
  6. I sent Cap1 Police report, ID theft Affidavit and letter asking for all documents on two accounts that were from ID Theft. They sent me a letter stating they sold the accounts to XYZ and ABC JDB's and I need to call them. However, they did not block the information on my CR. Can I go after them for damages and violations?
  7. I sent a Jack attack letter months ago and it did not work. The problem is the OC will verify no matter what. I talked to an attorney today and he likes my case. I am now going to go the legal route and see how long it takes to get this deleted.
  8. Trans Union has an office in the same city I work in which happens to be the court I will file at. They also have a registered agent in California. I'm going to the court house on Monday to find out in person.
  9. I have an OC reporting a account that was charged off and sold. Every time I dispute with the CRA's the account gets verified. I have done every type of dispute I could think of. I sent the OC numerous 623 disputes and they only sent me a letter saying the account was sold to XYZ JDB. I called them and they told me they have no records of the account they can send me and I need to contact the XYZ JDB for the documents because when they sell an account, all of the documents are transferred with the sale. I asked them how they could verify that the account was being reported correctly with the CRA's and the OC said we have everything we need to report accurately. This is after they said they have no records. This has to be wrong! Every thing I have read says that if you can't provide proof, then you have to delete the account. What should I do?
  10. Thank you for all of the help so far. I did find that the California Civil Code 1785.16(k) says that they must block the info so I would not have to use the FCRA. Why would small claims be a bad idea? I sued a CA in small claims and the jusge ordered them to remove the TL from my CR's or pay me 1500 in penaltys. The CA removed the TL. I am hoping the judge will do the same thing. If I have to go to Civil court do attornies take these cases on contingency? It seems like a pretty cut and dry case.
  11. I have two CO's on my credit report that TU flat out refuses to block due to ID Theft. I sent them a police report as well as the FTC ID Theft Affidavit. I went to the BBB, FTC and AG. Nothing has helped. I have read numerous posts that this is common practice for TU. The office that is handling this is in the same city that I work in. It would be so easy to file in small claims against them. Has anyone had any experience with suing them? Can I sue them in small claims? Thanks...
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