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  1. 1- The CA is not reporting it at all this is only about how the OC is reporting the TL. 2- I guess I have no issue with the TL being there for 3 more years. Due to its age it has had minimal impact on my ability to get credit except for this perticular loan and even on this loan I just have to show that it has been settled. My #1 concern is that when I settle it the account gets re aged and it now looks like a C/O that took place in 2013 instead of 2009. Is there any way that I could as a secondary option request that the CA and or OC somehow not re age it. In other words they call it zero balance and settled less than full balance but not reflect as some recent payment been made which could drop my credit,
  2. About 20% of my semester has been covered by a different government student loan, the other 17K still needs to be funded. Yes that is 17K for the semester because this is a graduate program. The balance on the account is 10K and I would not pay more than a few grand in settlement so applying that to the loan won’t really help anything. The key would be to negotiate a settlement with the result being one of the two below in order of preference. 1. Negotiated settlement for 10-20% of the balance because the SOL is expired or about to. Terms of settlement being full trade deletion. Even if it reports settled with less than full balance I would still be approved with the student loan. I'm just trying avoiding re aging and remove the derogatory account completely. 2. Negotiated settlement for 10% of the balance due to SOL expiration. TL reports paid settled for less than full balance. Are you guys saying that if I wait till SOL expiries that I can have it removed without having negotiating a settlement? It is my understanding that they cannot force me to pay past 4 years but can report it up to 7yrs. According to admin I can negotiate a deletion with the CA is this true or not?
  3. I already started school and they are waiting on me to get this resolved. While they may not kick me out they could if I tell them wait until December. My understanding is that there is no way the collection company could file suit and get a judgment within 1 month because I could stall in the appearance etc. So trying to decide if I should press the issue now or wait.
  4. BTW the 4 year SOL to collect is up next month.
  5. First I want to thank you all for responding, I really appreciate it. The OC is Harley Davidson and I found out today that this account is still with them but they have Professional Recovery Services servicing this account. The balance is around 10K and its reporting with all 3 CRAs. I don't have any other student loans. In answer to your question settle less full balance would suffice for the student loan I am trying to get. However I am trying to avoid this because I don’t want to re age. So since the new information if I call and speak with Professional Recovery Services would they have more leverage to get Harley to completely remove TL or report it as settled paid in full ( I understand that this could be accurate based on a new agreement being paid in full).
  6. I need to get a student government loan and there’s 1 TL standing in the way. The last activity on this account was 4 yrs ago. Although I have gotten other loans before, the government loan requires me to either have this TL settled or having been paid for 6 months. So the OC has sold the account to a JDB. I have mailed a letter to OC on settling with them asking them to report as paid in full. When I spoke to OC over phone I mentioned either reporting as paid in full or completely removing the TL but they referred me to JDB. I don't want to re-age it and drop my score by settling and it reporting as settled less than full balance. Is it possible for me to settle with JDB and have them tell OC to completely remove the TL or have it reporting as paid in full since the new agreement will be paid in full? How do I go about it?
  7. I'm trying to prove it closed in 09 because by it closing in 2012 it appears to have re-aged the account. My question is do I have a way to insist or prove that infact it was really closed in 09 or closer to the CO instead of 2+ years later? Also is there a SOL on how long they must report an acct closed after CO?
  8. I sent a request to OC on the dates account was opened, closed and charged off so we can updated info with the bureau. Here's the response: " The above referenced account was opened on September 26, 2007. It was charged off December 1, 2009. The account was closed on May 8, 2012. A copy of the payment history you requested is also enclosed." My question is once the account is charged off how can they keep it open for over 2 years? I thought Charge offs closed accounts. Also found report that was pulled in 2011. Experian says "This account is scheduled to continue on record until April 2016" and Payment History shows CO from December 09- September 2011. TransUnion was reporting it as CO in November 2011: CLSD/MJDEL- December 09, DFD/DLA- August 09, LST PAY DT- December 09 Equifax also reported as CO. Date of last payment: 12/09, Date Maj. Del. 1st Rptd: 12/09
  9. I'm sorry I meant to say are they allowed to keep reporting it as "currently paid as agreed" since 11/09 even though no payment has been made and are also reporting it as charge off?
  10. I understand. But are they allowed to keep reporting it as late every month for the past 3 years?
  11. Report pulled is showing it was charged off 12/2009. So any activity they have reported since is inacurate. I need help with letter demanding proof of activity past 12/09.
  12. Found the CRA report we got last year. It says date of last activity was 8/09, last late date was 11/09
  13. Just checked Myfico. They are showing 90+ days late: 30times (May 2012, April 2012, March 2012). We have not had ANY activity since it was CO. For Paid History they are saying currently paid as agreed for every month till Jan. 2013 except the 3 months last year.
  14. Been looking on truecredit. For Transunion and Equifax it still shows CO but with Experian it says Closed (Paid). There's an alert for Experian -Settlement 2/9/13