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  1. Also wanted to add they have no contract or anything from us in writing. Just the bill from the owner of the company.
  2. I sent a collection agency a DV request after they "verified" with the bureaus. It's a bill from over 5 years ago for a service business who took care of our pets though we had a disagreement on their bill and she sent it to a CA. The company is no longer in business. Not sure what to do as they "Refused" the certified mail and never opened it. Would scanning the envelope and sending as an attachment to the bureaus help? Thanks!
  3. Thanks, @ BV80. I was able to finally get somewhere with Sprint. I threatened to file against them in court unless they provide me my final bill. Spoke a week ago and they claim to have mailed it out but I'm still waiting for it. I have a transaction ID so if I don't get it this weekend I'll keep calling. I'll hopefully get this and send it to the credit bureaus and see if I can get them to remove it. Thanks for responding!
  4. I'm having the same issue with Enhanced Recovery Corp. They are re-aging an old Sprint bill from 2008 and claiming the DOLA is 2012.
  5. I have an old Sprint bill, DOLA summer of 2008. I went into a Sprint store last week and this info was confirmed by their rep and also via a phone call to their credit department. Enhanced Recovery Corp out of Florida is listing the DOLA as 2012. I've disputed and they continue to "verify" and additionally, I asked Sprint to provide me with documentation stating what their rep said or a copy of my final bill and they won't do it.....they just keep routing me back to Enhanced Recovery Corp. This account is supposed to drop off in 90 days but because of their reaging of the debt, it's stating it
  6. I sent a DV letter to Credit Control Corp. in reference to an item from phone bill from 5 years ago that they just put on my CR for a few hundred dollars. They sent me a copy of the "Original Work Order, Service Address Listed" from the phone company. Also, a letter stating that the received my DV letter and that they have verified that the debt is valid and the balance is correct as reported. Also, a "statement of the balance owed is attached." It continues to state that if I'm "claiming fraud" on this account, I NEED TO PROVIDE THEM with the following proof of residency: 1) Mortgage Stateme
  7. It was placed on by American Agencies and reinsterted by American Agencies. I did not DV them the first time (in spring of '04). I just disputed as not mine and it was deleted. Thanks!
  8. I have a reinsertion on TU for an American Agencies account (it says it's a Pacific Bell account). It was removed in May of 2004 but was reinserted in September. I sent TU a CMRR reinsertion letter, they got it on Friday. The date of last activity is March of 2000, it's in California. With the SOL being 4 years for open-ended accounts, are they able to reinsert this legally? The SOL expired over a year ago now. I have not yet sent them a DV letter. I thought it was best to try to get TU to remove it due to reinsertion. Any suggestions? This just screwed up the refinancing of my house. Also, h
  9. I had an old collection account from Asset REMOVED from Equifax last September. I got an Alert E-mail that it was re-inserted today, it's the same account number. Should I call Equifax tomorrow and tell them they didn't notify me of re-insertion? I DV'd Asset for six months last year, they did NOTHING. I don't know what I should do. Should I try to dispute on Equifax or send Asset another DV letter this year? THANK YOU
  10. I think you are approved. I agree, to be turned down for the secured OB card, it's kinda unheard of!
  11. I really, really need advice on this so please someone, help me! I have a 4+ year old Sherman charge-off (now LVNV funding), DOLA spring 2001. I am buying some new real estate and they are requesting it be paid off when escrow closes. The deal is, the amount they say I owe is around $4000. My lender said, as long as I have the escrow company cut a check to them, it will be considered paid and then, I just don't have to mail it in. I am trying to prevent the DOLA from starting over when it's paid and then showing a PAID COLLECTION on my CR's. My question is this: Should I try to negotiate with
  12. In the past two weeks, I've applied for: 1) Citi AA Platinum MasterCard 2) Banana Republic Card 3) Patelco credit card 4) BMW Financial 5) Bank One MGM Mirage VISA NOT ONE INQUIRY has shown up on my reports. I have a ID victim/fraud alert so I wonder if they are being listed as soft pulls instead of hard? I have already been approved for the Citi card, Banana Republic and BMW (picking up my new X5 SUV on Friday afternoon!). Patelco said no because I didn't have enough history with large credit lines (give me a break) and Bank One requested ID verification, am sending them copies of documents.
  13. I applied for a MGM Mirage Visa Platinum card Bank One/Chase on May 31. They sent me a letter on June 3rd asking for proof of address (copy of phone bill) and a copy of my SS card. Does anyone know, if this is good news maybe? Doesn't it seem if they were going to outright decline me, they wouldn't be asking for this information?