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  1. I was looking at my CR and lo and behold I find a collection for CBCS! It's not mine though. It's for South Jersey Gas that opened in 2004; I never had gas in NJ and also I didn't live in NJ at that time; I moved down south in 2003. In a panic, I called TU and now they have a dispute for it. When I hung up the phone, I realized I should have DV'd the CA 1st... Did I mess up? Looking at the account again, I notice there isn't a "balance due", just a high balance of over $800.....
  2. EEEEK! I disputed some inquiries and they deleted my HSBC account that was JUST re-opened!! I tried disputing the OLD account and they took both off! Maybe that is why my score dropped? Should I contact the CRA's?
  4. I have a paid judgement on my CR from 2003. My problem is that the amount that was paid was changed on the report after a round of trying to dispute off. TU is reporting a less amount that was paid...and EX is showing the correct amount that was paid way back when... Why would the amount change if it was paid already? I sho' wish I can get this taken off my report altogether....been there, tried that.....didn't freakin work! Couldn't I dispute again and what would I dispute under?
  5. So you're saying you pay a full mortgage payment on the 5th and another full payment on the 15th? Or is it split? I don't have it that good, wish I did!!
  6. I'm really hoping by having a mortgage that my credit scores will go up! I have heard about people getting an increase after their 1st mortg payment!
  7. BOA is giving me a choice of days for the Automatic payment program--the 1st thru the 10th. I was thinking about the 10th, because then 5 days later, dh and I get paid again. Is paying the mortgage on the 1st, the norm? If I pay on the 10th, will there be any interest accruing, even though it wouldn't be considered late? (Not sure if I asked that right, please forgive me)
  8. I'm looking over my Disclosures and whatnot on my home loan thru BOA and its asking me if I want to make additional principal payments. How beneficial would that be? My loan is a FHA, 6.25%, 30 year fixed and monthly payments of $1200. Thanks
  9. I think I'm going to have to do the "oldskool" thing....LAYAWAY! It's just so exciting to be able to buy your own home, but with bad credit, can't get a credit card to buy furniture. My scores will be ok in a couple of months--I got an attorney to assist me with an old repo, which is hurting my scores, and I have CJ....
  10. Not a stupid question! But unfortunately, they don't report. I wish they did, maybe my CR would look ok...I'M AN HSN PHANATIC!! I think they only report if you fail to pay them off.
  11. Anyone heard of this? I just got this in the mail. Its a "No Money Down Pre-Qual" letter for Cherokee Chrysler Dodge Jeep. The letter has a blank check on the bottom and all I have to do is call with an PIN number, then go to the dlr and pick out a car between 7500 & 40,000...2001 to 2007 year. There is no down payment. The only stips is that if you are trading in a veh, it has to be paid off.
  12. Anyone know of any "no credit check" furniture stores besides Aarons, Rent-a-centers? My credit is so shot, I can't even get Farmersfurniture.com stuff!!!
  13. Very good advice! I say that because I was just approved today!!! I got a FHA loan, 6.125%, 30 year-fixed on a home that is $202k. FHA is/was not score driven at all. My scores are 580, 600 and 583. My LO is wonderful. The problem/drama that I had was that I am currently in a lease to own home and I'll be breaking the lease--I have 4 more months to go so you know eventually the landlord will want the balance of the lease. Well, my realtor will be paying my lease for 3 months, and on that last month, I'll get the landlord to apply my deposit or I'll pay him in increments. This works out really good so I won't have 2 "mortgage" payments at the same time! Tomorrow, we pick out our carpet color, cabinets, etc. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!
  14. I need some “alternative documentation” in order for me to qualify for a home purchase. I only have 1 account so far that I’ve had for 12 months with good payment history. Can anyone come up with some ways to get “quick” TL’s? Also so far I have my rent, Crownjewelers for 12 months with good payment history.
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