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  1. card with a 6.99% apr I read the terms and conditions about 8 times before I applied. I got approved but im scared to make a balance transfer because I feel they are going to find any little reason to sky rocket my apr.
  2. I live in NY but the account being frozen is not the problem anymore. I got it unfrozen, I have a court day on Dec. 10
  3. Hay guys, I got an order to show cause and then got the judgment vacated and got put back on the calender I have court Dec. 10. The best part is, is that Transunion and Equifax show a zero balance on my reports.
  4. I'm in those shoes! I have a court date on the 9th of Nov. Can you explain a little more charlanyc
  5. I'm dealing with Mr M. Harris also. I just got my account frozen today and did the paper work for order to show cause. If possible can you please show update on your situations. You experience will greatly help me! Thanks guys
  6. I tried disputing with the CRA's already and they all came back "verified". I will try to dispute again and show the last statement from Card Services that states I owe $0. Thanks alot guys for all your help I will keep you informed.
  7. I recieved my last couple of statements from them, this is were it says balance owed is $0. on the CR it does show a TL balance of $826. What i'm trying to get at is, can I use the statements they showed me to try and get a 1099c? Can I do something in court and show this statement which they sent me.
  8. TransUnion] Charged off as bad debt Profit and loss write-off [Experian] Unpaid balance reported as a loss by the credit grantor. [Equifax] Charged off account Credit card Thats what i'm getting from my CR's the balances on the report show $826 on all 3 CRA's
  9. Heres the story. I send a verification letter to OC (card services). they send me back cpu print outs of all the bills I recieved dating back to 6/2000, account was opened on 4/2000. No application with my signiture or anything else was sent. The way I see it that is enough to verify with 3 CRA's. But heres my question, On the last bill they show that they charged off my account and that the new balance is $0.00. Activity states Principals and finance charges were charged off and that I owe nothing. Can they still seek the money I owe. P.S. for those of you thinking SOL. Last payment was 4/