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  1. Well, I am one of those that received a 1099C in February 2011 for a credit card taken out in 1996 and last payment 11/05. The 1099C was from Asset Acceptance LLC instead of the OC. I didn't even think twice I just put in with our tax filing and forgot about it. Hoping that so many of these out of date credit cards would go away. I am confused because now we received a collection letter from another agency requesting this amount also for that credit card and I am not sure which way to turn-Do I dv them or ignore them or send them a copy of the 1099C from Asset???Any suggestions???
  2. I might have to do that because now I am nervous about all the other credit cards that were charged off a few years ago. We ran into some health issued and I have been paying cards off yearly, some with lawyers and collection agencies that I was summoned to court for and others just on our own. I am just confused now as to whether this second ca has the right to come after my husband after I already included it in our joint taxes for last year and he is head of household, I am unemployed.
  3. I just realized that the new creditor is after my husband and the 1099C was for me, both names were on the account.
  4. Asset Acceptance LLC issued the 1099C for this credit card. There is a different collection agent coming after me for it now. I think I should have been more alert when doing my taxes as to whom was claiming this money and maybe I could have fought it with the IRS.
  5. I received a 1099C at income tax time for a credit card that was charged off years ago(past sol).Now a CA is coming after me for that card. The date of last payment on that card was 2005 and I received the card in VA originally.I am not sure am I still liable for this and to pay this collection agency???Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  6. I am just wondering if I should totally ignore this nasty gram or follow up with a dv or what???They rocked my boat when I saw the FINAL NOTICE OF JUDGMENT and the docket # now I know I need to rock theirs if they are not legit.....
  7. Hi I received the same type of letter the heading is __Final Notice of Judgment_, they then proceed to say that since you have not made payment we have turned your account over to our attorneys and instructed them to commence suit without further delay. Please be advised the January 15, 2010 the settlement offer will benull and void,a nd the above judgment amount will be due in full. It even has a Docket # XXXXXX-FL. I called the courthouse and they have nothing on file for me from these people. How should I proceed? Has anyone else dealt with them??
  8. Hi, I appeared in court on a credit card debt and a stipulation was filed thereby avoiding a judgment, but it seems somehow I missed a payment or two during the past 20 months and now I now I received a letter from the court "Affidavit of Default on Stipulation and Non-Payment. Is there anyway I can repair the damage I created by missing a couple of payments???Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this go away. I don't have any real funds for a settlement but if I offered to make a monthly bank transfer or something would that help avoid the rest of this?? I am retired military with a pension and am employed but am supporting a family and grandbaby at this time.
  9. FlALawyer Hi I just checked and it says Final Default Judgment...You said to file a motion to Vacate Judgment based on lack of service..Do I just go to the courthouse and pick up a form fill it out and then file it with them???I haven't had much dealings with the court system in my long life...I suppose I can search these threads and see if they have forms available and instructions...thank GOD for this site...Thank you for the help...
  10. I have been there in the Florida courts for credit card problems and each time I have been lucky to negotiate a deal for monthly payments with the lawyers. Most of the time they only appear via telephone so it is more like talking to the judge stating you had some problems and would like to work out some payment arrangements. All in all takes about 2 minutes and the judge usually pushes the lawyers to work with any payments you think you can handle. After that it is just keeping up with your payments till the debt is gone...Good Luck
  11. I hope I am as lucky as you were..I just got a default judgment from a lawyer for Midland Funding. I WAS NEVER SERVED......I checked the court records and it said that a sheriff tried to deliver to me in August once and only once and "ret of serv-nonserv-no response" is what is on my court records...Now I have a default judgment and don't even know what it is for. Had some bad times and several credit cards went into arrears back in 2006, been trying to pay them all off since. I am self employed and do not drive so it was a rare chance that I was not home when the sheriff showed up but does that still mean that it is okay to give me a judgment??? Midland is giving me NIGHTMARES....
  12. Hi I am not sure what you are looking for but at the top of this site you will find a pay for delete letter and maybe you could customize it for your situation. It states in it that they have to remove the negative reports from your credit report so that might be a helpful paragraph. I would start with the OC if you are willing to pay the total owed. If not you might be able to work with a lesser amount for the CA to take and then they would also have to sign that they would delete the negative and if I've read right on these sights once paid the OC would have to mark it as paid also. It is just my opinion maybe their are others on this site with a lot more experience that can help you more. Good Luck.
  13. Thanks, that is just what I was thinking. No sense in giving them anything they don't have. right??? Just wanted another persons view or take on this so called validation from myself instead of them. Thanks again
  14. I sent the form letter I took from this site for validation.....This letter is being sent to you in response to a notice sent to me on xxxxxxxx. In accordance with Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and all applicable State of Florida laws, your claim is being disputed and the alleged debt is in request of Validation. I respectfully request that your offices provide all competent evidence that there is in fact any legal obligation to pay you. ETC. ETc. That was sent on 7.24 and then the letter from them was written on 8/22. But it was from cap1 not asset and it asked for all that info. Do you think they just put their foot in it, requesting that within the 30 day period or did they just squeeze by a day or so?/ It just doesn't make sense for me to give them a case against me. What defense would I have if they take me to court though. Just keep asking for proof that this is mine????. thanks.
  15. I sent the letter to Asset on 7/24/08 got a copy of my letter with the cap1 request dated 8/22/08. I don't think the sol applies yet but I will pull up the credit report and check how close we are to it. It is Florida I think the last date would have been about 2005/2006 for any usage. Florida sol is I believe 4 years on credit cards. I just wonder if they have any info at all and if we just ignore it it will go away. If cap1 answered this dv instead of ASSET that would mean that ASSEt was hired by CAP1 to collect. Right??? If cap1 doesn't know who I am and can't verify then that should be it. What do you think???
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