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  1. I think you are correct mu next question is i just got a certified letter and its from crditone i cant get the letter till friday due to work just woundering what the letter most likley is why would they send me a certified letter Im thinking summons I bet i diont sleep for the next couple of days.
  2. I just got home and found a pink slip on my door saying that a certified letter from credit one is waiting for me requiring my signature could this be a summons should i sign for it , what happens if it is a summons?
  3. Spoke with people at AGF and credit one they booth say I haven’t made a payment in over 4 years but some how it was just reported that I just made one ,I haven’t. the balance now went from 0 to over 8,000 what do I do Credit one wants me to fax them a copy of my credit report to verify what I say should I do this?
  4. This account I had DV and Havent made a payment on in over 4 years today this shows up on my cr are they saying I made a payment ? American Gen Fin Account number: XXXXXXXXXXXX Account information disputed by consumer The account status has changed to "Payment after charge off/collection " from "Charged off as bad debt" Other Account American Gen Fin Status as of [?] Aug, 2003 Date opened [?] Feb, 2003 Date of last activity [?] Aug, 2003 Date paid out [?] Oct, 2007 Date closed [?] Aug, 2003 Account number [?] XXXXXXXXXXXX Loan type [?] Secured Credit limit [?] Not Reported Largest past balance [?] $0 Terms [?] 80 Monthly Account Type [?] Installment Account Account holder [?] Individual Account Scheduled payment amount [?] $392 Descriptions [?] • Account information disputed by consumer
  5. Ok I have DV two items on my CR I think I have the SOL card to use in my defense should the need arise.I contacted EQ EF and TU and asked them to remove the items i disputed as in DV I found that the SOL had passed. I got letters back today from EQ EF saying that they had contacted the original creditors and the info was accurate they also said the date of my last payment to these disputed accounts was made in 2007. In the DV process I found out that the last payments made were 2003 ,so what do I do whose date should I accept I know I didn't pay anyone anything in the 2007. To the JDB asking for payment I sent off a nice FOAD letter based upon the DV info sent me but now Im worried about the new dates sent by EF EQ TU. Any words of wisdom are appreciated greatly. Who would have the most accurate info? Here are the links to the first post regarding my question maybe it can help with understanding my question better. http://debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=293781&highlight=scared http://debt-consolidation-credit-rep...d.php?t=290367
  6. the oc may have at the time i was going threw this i was also in the process of divorce and I lost track of time and lost track of staying on top of these type of issues.
  7. Thank you willingtocope and avla i think im understanding things better now
  8. still need just a little more help anyone out there have any thoughts on the questions i listed . thanks guys i just dont want to blow this up with the wrong move,
  9. Any Ideal if i should send a second DV letter or send a SOl letter?
  10. 1) ANSWERS 1) correct 2)yes via DV I have found that the OC ( Fairlane )sold the car for 2,600 leaving a balance of $6,882.20 3)the debt was bought by clavery and winn is either representing or bought the debt from them. the intent to sell was 02/15/05 the car was sold 03/17/05 You have been of great help thank you!!! what exactly should i be looking into to help protect my self should i send a SOL letter. In the DV letter i asked for valadation they sent me verification not valadation do i re send my request ?
  11. any thought out there as to this question? thank you.
  12. I called the OC and was told they dont have any info on my old account the JDB sent me the DV but it dose not show date of last payment made it dose show the date the auto was repoed. If I go to court if this enough to use the SOL defence? If not haow can I get the date of last payment made?
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