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I'm wondering if the primary card holder is responsible for the Preauthorized  users debts.

I don't mean a recent debt as a Preauthorized user, lets say the Preauthorized user has debts before they were the Preauthorized user. Is the primary card holder responsible, can a collector go after the primary card holder even if the debts were before the individual was a Preauthorized user.

Don't know if this makes a difference, the state is NJ.

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I don't know why i used "pre", thanks for pointing out my error.

I even contacted my creditor regarding this & the response i always received was to ask the CB's.

To make sure i'm understanding this, with the exception of an authorized users current debt, any previous debts before they were an authorized user the primary card holder is not financially responsible for?

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A creditor doesn't separate charges between account holders vs. authorized users and any debt created on an account is 100% the responsibility of the holder(s) of that account.  An account holder is not responsible for any of an authorized user's other debt, regardless of when the debt is from, and neither will an authorized user's 'extracurricular' credit history appear on or affect an account holder's credit report. 

On the flip side, any positive or negative credit history will appear on the credit reports of any authorized users for that account. (These accounts can usually be removed from an authorized user's credit report with a "not mine" type of dispute.)

Because an authorized user is not an account holder, under no circumstances can a creditor take legal action against an authorized user.

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