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  1. The matters you mentioned were settled sometime ago...I don't need any credit card...I can afford to pay cash. For your information, I started work when I was 7 years old. doing jobs such as mowing lawns, selling papers father ensured I had developed an early work ethic. Heck, why are you still on the PC, I thought you had to go to work ?
  2. Maybe you can work for 60 years like I did and make some very good financial decisions which allows me to sit on my butt any time I choose, heck with the Roth IRA, plus my social Security and veterans disability from my Vietnam experience , I'm able to do just about anything I choose. By the way, let me guess, you never served your country in any capacity, did you ?Did you ever volunteer to serve in the Military...and if so you were probably rejected...based on your photos. Do some good financial planning, and maybe you can sit on your butt one of these days. Now don't be late for work..hope y
  3. Which of these guys is you ? and the other one, your brother or father ....assuming you know who your father is. Naw...The one on the left couldn't be you..he appears to be more intelligent than the one on the right....he's wearing a watch and apparently knows how to tell time. In any event, thank you for sharing your family pictures !
  4. Flyingifr has made a very good point. Google your state's probate laws. And if you see the sol has expired for the creditor to file a claim, then you or your estates trustee should bring it to the attention of the parties concerned.
  5. Correct BV80, but my point is this, even though a debt is legitimate, the debt buyer should still be required to show proof of purchase ( valid assignment, properly executed and manifested by a written agreement) Now if the DB cannot show proof , then it would seem that the matter should be investigated for either mail fraud or deceptive business practice. Without proof of ownership or clear title at the instant of submitting the collection letter would certainly seem that any state attorney general, and certainly the local court hearing the case would be interested in considering. It would a
  6. The man ?? in the green suit from the land of Oz !
  7. I found them by google: "Debt Collectors convicted of Mail Fraud" and "Judges convicted of Mail Fraud" Try this...I will try and find in my posts( I think these are in my earlier posts where I first raised the issue of mail fraud) Thanks for your input BV80 !
  8. Yep, I figured this would put you to sleep.
  9. Absolutely correct, and I recently posted some cases where debt collectors and JUDGES were convicted and sentenced for mail fraud. Submit your concerns to a DA or State Attorney...let them decide if a given situation is actionable. Maybe the instance of conviction is rare...could it be that the possibility is not raised often enough and the right buttons aren't pushed ? CITE A FEW CASES, ASK THE COURT TO USE JUDICIAL DISCRETION in comparison of those cases vs the instant case...let the judge decide. USE ALL AVAILABLE TOOLS AND LET THE COURTS DECIDE .
  10. ...I think the following qualifies as damages: (1) Embarassment caused at work (2) Job security threatened or job loss by their calls at work (3) Emotional distress and anxiety on you personally (4) Unable to sleep because of their threats (5) Emotional distress caused to your spouse and family members because of their threats. (6) actual and on going (future) Doctor bills and cost of medication as a result of their threats. (7) Loss of consortium as a result of the anxiety caused by their threats. And if you ask for punitive damages, this is sometimes awarded at 3 times actual damages ( I t
  11. There ya go 'chiming" again usc, as in ding dong, ding dong ! Just think, before long you won't have to ring any chimes...ya get to hit the switch that turns the siren on...if we are lucky ! Please don't tell me that ambulances in NY are equipted with "chimes" ? I Luv ya Buddy !
  12. But using " Noway" doesn't constitute a scheme or artifice in an attempt to defraud any one out of, property, etc. Again, raise the issue in court and let the judge decide ! I think you need to read my post again " if a collector uses an alias, which may be permissible, then that alias must be used ONLY by him/her, if not, then therein lies the potential issue of mail fraud. Heck, I accept all replies to this post, but the only reply that actually counts is one issued by a judge when the question is raised.
  13. You are correct Hal Jordon...they don't have to prove anything outside the courtroom...the point is as I have often stated, demand answers to all the right questions at the on-set, and your chances of going to court are greatly diminished, because the opposition is made aware that you are not an easy prey. And you are right "I ain't never been sued"...think it might be because I insisted on answers to all the right questions ?? But you are dead wrong on the issue of not paying legitimate debts. It's all about ensuring a debtor is treated fairly and paying only those who have legal standing to