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Comenity Bank altered my CRs and opened Credit Card without my permission


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I had a Sony Card with Capital One for over 3 years, with perfect payment record, and when I found out Comenity Bank purchased the Sony Card from Capital One I closed my paid off, in good standing, account with Capital One before Comenity took over the account.  Capital One reported the account on CRs as “Account closed by consumer.”  I thought that I was done.


I see that my CRs now show my closed account as reported by Comenity Bank, and no longer shows it as Capital One.  All the other information, all positive, is unchanged. — Should I dispute this?  — I called Capital One, where I have other accounts, all in good standing, and they can’t even look at my closed account because Comenity Bank has the files.  I was all paperless and have no paper records, it’s all with Comenity Bank now, with whom I do not have an account, nor do I want one.


Here’s the annoying part… I closed the Sony Card because I did not want to deal with Comenity Bank, but they sent me an “Important Notice About Your Credit Card Account” saying they are changing the Account terms, and if I object they will close the account.  WHAT?  I didn’t authorize them to open an account.  — If I object, and they “close the account” can they report on my CRs “Account closed by credit provider?”  — Should I ignore them? — What should I do? —



I’m a senior citizen recovering from BK7 eight years ago to get out from under upside down property.  Payment record flawless since then, now with over 50K credit across 9 cards from 5 granters.  I pay everything off monthly, and haven’t paid any credit card interest in 8 years.  

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