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  1. Hello, I am trying to build credit in my name. I haven't checked my credit reports/scores recently, but I know they aren't horrible. I've had a freeze/fraud alert on all three for the past 5 years. I have: 2 Mortgages - paid on time, current, one account closed Car Loan, one late payment, closed in 2009 Macy's Card, 1k limit - closed due to inactivity Macy's Visa -7k limit - closed by my husband USAA Credit Card - 18k limit - closed by my husband I am going through a divorce and am concerned about not having any credit other than the mortgage payment. I may have to sell the house as well. I just applied for a USAA card in just my name and was approved for an 8k limit. I also applied for a Target card and was denied. I'm not really sure how to proceed from here. I plan to get copies of my credit reports with the Target denial letter. Any help you could provide would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Not sure about a sticky, but there's this link...
  3. I have a freeze on all three of my reports due to ID Theft and yes, your positive credit history will continue to be reported.
  4. So, if it is not yours, file the appropriate ID Theft paperwork and send it to them. That will fix your problem.
  5. Yes, keep it. The age of the TL helps your score.
  6. Amazing. It pays to be a well informed consumer!
  7. I think technically, you go by the state you live in. http://www.creditinfocenter.com/wordpress/2009/07/27/statute-of-limitations-on-debt-when-you-move/
  8. Absolutely you can! That is the point of disputing and requesting validation. I would send letters as many creditors as you can at once, depending on how many are on your reports, and that you can keep track of at once. This post explains the dispute process with CAs and CRAs. This explains the 623 method that is used with OCs.
  9. Hi Hope, Have you read the Newbie Credit Repair Primer? It has a ton of great information on how to get started. You do not have to prove these accounts exist or are accurate - they do! So, don't worry about not having records.
  10. If they have the date of your application, what other proof are you wanting? The only issue I would have is that they can't prove whether the application was over the phone or internet.
  11. You don't DV the OC, you DV the CA and the CRA. Use the 623 dispute method with the OC. Start by reading this.
  12. Very smart. I have never heard of "signature diliberately witheld".
  13. You can request a CLI from Best Buy online if you already have an account with them through HSBC.
  14. I use Credit Check Total and can pull all three reports daily. It's about $22/month. I have been thinking of switching to USAA, though because I have been told it's cheaper and you can also pull daily.
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