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  1. I too would like to know opinions on this method
  2. Got a successful refinance at my CU. They were great to work with and very understanding on circumstances and agreed that Chase was being very difficult in modification process. We closed last week and payoff should reach them tomorrow or wednesday.
  3. I tried a modification and was denied. I am in the process of a refi with my Credit Union. If I was just denied the modification and have been in contact with the attorney how soon or eager are they to foreclose. The mortgage is with Chase and it is 6 months behind. My CU will have my refi completed near end of December or first week in Jan. the good thing about the CU is that it is a Local Government Employee Credit Union and the branch manager has the final say and has been my banker for 15+ years. He has helped me put alot of things behind me in prep of doing this refi. They hold all loans and do not sell them. If it is sold it only gets sold from the Local CU to the State CU. Is there any options on getting Chase to waive some of the BS fees if I am paying off loan.
  4. I am trying to fight a forecloseur on my home. I looked at my County Registar Office and the lender listed on my deed is not the one I have been making payments to and that is trying to foreclose. I believe this loan was sold immediately after I purchase the house. What are some options or defenses that I could utilize.
  5. PRA is not reporting but Cap One is still reporting on CR showing sold. I was wondering if this would be a way to get that removed.
  6. Were you sued by Chase or Portfolio. I was sued by Portfolio, I counter sued and we agreed to a mutual dismissal. The OC was Capital One, does this mean that Cap One must remove my trade line from CR? Thank you
  7. Below is a letter I intend on sending to CRA's. Please give me pointers or critiques. Also when mailing this CMRRR, how does this work if you can only find PO Box for them Equifax PO Box 7404256 Atlanta GA 30374-0256 To Whom It May Concern, I've just reviewed my credit report and have noticed there are several inaccurate items on my report: Beneficial/HFC-6017040060XXXX This account is listed as being charged off. This account was settled and was supposed to be reported as “Account Settled in Full”. Letters enclosed. Capital One 529107146457XXXX This account is listed as being charged off. This account was sold and should not be reporting as charge off. Payment history is also incorrect Capital One 517805249443XXXX This account is listed as being charged off. This account was sold and should not be reporting as charge off. Payment history is also incorrect Capital One 529107147534XXXX This account is listed as being charged off. This account was sold and should not be reporting as charge off. Payment history is also incorrect Capital One 486236249246XXXX The payment history on this account is incorrect. Household Credit Services 549110000508XXXX This account is listed as being charged off. This account was sold and should not be reporting as charge off. Payment history is also incorrect RMA/NCO Financial 2215XXX This collection account does not contain a valid address. I tried to send them a letter to verify their account and it was returned as undeliverable. This account is not mine Zenith Acquisitions Corp. 100702XXXX This account is not mine. I.C. Systems INC 2749131XXXX This account is not mine. I have enclosed a copy of my driver's license as proof of identity.
  8. I have several CC accounts that have been sold to JDB. I am working with my CU on a refinance on my house. The JDB are not reporting on my CR. My loan officer has asked me to try to settle these accounts so that he knows that they won't come back on me later. Is it possible to settle these with OC in exchange for a delete or settled on my CR. They are reporting as sold/transfered to another lender. He told me to try to settle with the JDB, all he wants is proof they have been worked out. One of the JDB is PRA, which sued and I beat in court. He still wants me to try to settle it. Any advice on this will be helpful.
  9. Both email addresses have changed. They come back as undelivered. I got another one. If it works I will post it.
  10. There was no form. Only the letter quoted and the letter I sent them.
  11. I sent the following to a CA I found listed on my CR. August 29, 2011 Re: Acct 100702XXXX To Whom It May Concern: "In reviewing my consumer credit report, I found an account listed by your company. Be advised that this is not a refusal to pay, but a notice sent pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 USC 1692g Sec. 809 ( that your claim is disputed and validation is requested. Furthermore I am requesting trade line be removed from all major credit bureaus until validation is completed. If not removed promptly I will invoke my rights to sue under Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act. Please limit your communications with me to written correspondence as it is inconvenient for me to receive calls at any time or at any number. In the mail today I received the following response, along with my original letter. Thank you for the enclosed information. Unfortunately we are unable to locate the I.C. System account number that you are inquiring about. Please return this attachment with a complete I.C. System account number. We are a debt collector attempting to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. [ How do you respond to this when they put it on my report and I do not have the entire account number as the CR has the last 4 of the number Xed out.
  12. I never got anything on satisfaction but it was filed and recorded at courthouse on deed. I did check on that. I never received anything because CSR told me it would take a few weeks for system to process it. Credit report is reporting like she said it would and checking with courthouse proved correct as well as having a letter from them saying that all my obligations to them have been met. I am happily surprised they did what they said they were
  13. Maybe they are just trying to get it off their books. I had a second for around 25000. They sent an offer to settle for 5500 I called and told them the most I could settle for was 3000. They accepted it and I mailed it after getting all details in writing from them. Like buying anything its all about negotiation
  14. Fight the affadavit as Hearsay. the person signing it did not work for HSBC. there is a good chance in winning this if you fight it.
  15. I would fight LVNV all the way and wouldnt pay them a dime. They sued me and i answered all their paperwork and sent them requesting documents of mine and they dismissed asap