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  1. how does this apply to the collection accounts? Is it 7.5 yrs since they first showed up on my account? i have one that I paid the second it showed on my account and it is still there. Also, i have a Military debt that has lingered only on EQ that was paid years ago, and was supposed to be deleted, but when i dispute it, it comes back verified every time. Are these something that after 7.5 years i have to dispute, or will they call off on their own? Thanks for your help
  2. Hello all... it has been a long while since i have last posted, so bear with me.. I recently checked my credit report and there are a few tl on there that are over 7 years since they opened. These are collections that i i got right out of high school, being stupid and not paying my bills.. My question is this: how long does it take to get off my credit report? I have disputed it in the last month and kept on getting verified. it has been 7 yrs and 2 months since these negative lines were opened... and i would like to get rid of them to improve my score. Any help would be appreciated...
  3. so has anyone had any current success with this method of removing their inq's? if so, please let me know... i have 13 i need to get rid of. Thank you all very much!
  4. i just cancelled tc as well... wow.. they seemed happy to see me go... lol... when i cancelled freecredit 2 yrs ago, they offered me all sorts of discounts to stay... ahh well...
  5. **update** sweeeeeet! i just got all but one deleted... that one showed up after i disputed... i'll leave that one alone... went from 19 to 1... i love this process!
  6. i checked with him and that's something that he already saw... ah well... i guess i will just have him call his creditor and see if they can arrange something... or just possibly refi with another place thanks anyways
  7. that's just it... i dunno what they pulled... if they pulled tu then i'm golden... but the other two are being a pita to remove... sent out new disputes a week and a half ago... waiting on response.... should i wait on responses, or just call them now?
  8. thanks FE i'll have my friend look into this... i really appreciate it... i'm sure he will as well
  9. applyin now fo rthe rewards... fingers crossed **edit** had to call in to apply for the rewards for some reason... called and did an over-the-phone app... haven't done that in years upon years... kinda weird... they haven't said anything about status or when they will have status available... any ideas?
  10. got my answer... if that is what you would call it... ths one is always my favorite... Thank you for applying for a Kay Jewelers Credit Account. We were unable to fully process your request for instant credit at this time. We will notify you via US mail of our decision regarding your request for a Kay Jewelers account within 20 business days. so i guess the waiting game is initiated
  11. ok.. just applied at kays.... they said it is under review and i should receive a decision in 1 hour.... does anyone know if these guys do income verification?... i kinda exaggerated a lil bit... lol
  12. ok i'm going to take the plunge and apply tonight... we will see status in a few days............ fingers crossed! **EDIT** Got an e-mail almost instantly denying me... called today and asked... they pulled the evil experian... the only cr with my collections still on it... curses... the rep was saying that they are looking for a 720 plus score... then she started to contradict saying that they were looking at your credit report and score wasn't that important, if you had a "decent" income. never could get clarity about what a "decent" income was... lol evil ex got me again!
  13. 07 fusion.... i believe he has had the loan for almost a year... and he is waaayy upside down on the loan...
  14. just finally got the results!! form 19 inq to 5... those 5 are attatched to tl but i'll try again and it might go away.... 10 pt boost, thanks guys!