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  1. Congratulations Fiz !! To any of you that think you can't do this, fine, quit and give up. It will not happen for you and never by not spending the time. I did not have as long a road as many here, but spent a lot of time here learning and doing. I've not been around in some time, but know this works. Now my record is spotless, and I'm happy to say my FICO average is 800. I started in the 600's. Everyone has a different situation, so spend the time to learn by reading from those that have done it.
  2. In the OP I believe you went out for a lunch, and used an account that was already overdrawn that day. Did I read that correctly? If so, and even if lunch was a "joint expense" that is walking a very fine line on the NSF fees that you know are coming. Not about sides on a public forum, it's going to net you opinions. It seems to me, and again just an opinion, that you might more easily keep your individual accounts, dump the joint account and have one or the other pay the bills then reconcile once a month or so with one another. I'm no fan of BOA either, but when you know there is one bullet in the chamber, and you pull the trigger anyway there are still odds it will go bang. Now you can blame the gun or even the bullet, but ultimately it is the finger that really is to blame.
  3. What, exactly, is the difference between geek and nerd, as I use both those interchangably when talking about Amerikaner.
  4. She wouldn't shut up??? What about you typing all the time.
  5. A good place to stick your papers? hooters
  6. Couldn't they just sell the kids?
  7. I think I'm OK with page two. I've always said I was here for the green boxes.
  8. Beyond the reporting period. 7 years in most cases.
  9. Willing, Interesting theory, but doesn't hold with me. I disputed everything and things dropped via one manner or another and my scores have gone way up. Now they initially went down and up and down, but eventually they stayed up. Don't know what list I'm on, but want to stay on it.
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