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  1. Has anyone been getting a call from this # leaving an (888) toll free # to call but the message is very vague. it just said to call and my number was listed as a contact # . The pre-recorded message is rude sounding. No company name, nor does this message ask to speak with a specific person? thx!
  2. Was it from Sentry Credit 'acting' like a collector for AAC? I got one of those and laughed. Get this, I don't know how this happened but AAC was deleted on 6/28 from my credit file on Tu and then put back on TODAY! grrr I finally deicded to dispute it since its past SOL. There is not way that AAC is the "Original Creditor" When they purchase that debt from someone else, they really think we are stupid
  3. It shown off on TU when I pulled it but still on Experian. If it doesn't come off the end of the following week on Experian I will dispute with the CRAS and see what happens!
  4. I got the same thing on my Yahoo email address- I use my cox address for bills and such. also the Nevada State Bank issued a warning stating that it was not a true email. the IRS looves to sent out notices LOL a whole bunch.
  5. They had the account since 2009, similar senario. Amex was deleted then they popped up in its place. This was before I knew anything about junk buyers. I was trying to ride out my storm. I wonder who is going to pop up in Asset's place? When it does I will do a DV for sure. Thanks for answering!
  6. Today took a peek of my CR and on TU it shows that an account was deleted as of June 28 2011. This collections was from Asset Acceptance on an old AMEX BLUE. DLA was in the Spring or Summer in 2006. the SOL here is 4yrs. Which puts me about 5yrs past sol. I hadn't disputed on this at all. Does this mean that they sold this account to yet another Junk Buyer possibly? Or what's your take on this? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for ALL the replies...and believe me I have learned much in reading on this site since. This chick isn't giving up without a fight next time. Just to answer some questions I paid it off in April. I think I will give a GW letter a try and see how it goes. Won't know unless I try and see. thanks again.
  8. Hello everyone Before I learned about this site and all. I got a settlment offer in the mail for 50% of the bal owed. It was in SOL and I really wanted to start taking care of some bad debts. The payment plan was scheduled for x amount of dollars for 6 months. When I learned about this site I believe I had 2 payments left to go. So I kept paying and at the same time I wanted to kicked myself for pressing for the PFD. I got a alert on one of my CR's and it stated DQ account info. I was like "WHAT NOW" it so happens that is was the JDB reporting as "legally paid in full -less than amount owed" and the account is now closed. OK the question- why does it has to be negative? To me, I am a person who is trying to do what I can do pay this thing. PLUS if they only paid pennies on a dollar they really made a nice profit from me.. "you are welcomed JCS." I just think lenders shouldn't be so hard on those who are trying. I know I am singing to the choir. BUT - really --the banks got 'bailed out' right? I doubt if the banks will ever try to pay back all what was given to them... "I'm just saying...." I guess I had to take my chances when or if I go apply for something in the future. OK vent over...
  9. I am not sure about that, but I would dispute it if I were you.
  10. Congratulations! You were nervous huh? I would probably have passed out for not breathing! LOL Good to know.
  11. Hi all After reading some posts I kept seeing "find out what your rules of civil procedures are" Ok, so I decided to pulled and print the Rules of Civil Procedures in my state. Good Grief, I didn't know it was novel! But it's good to have if the time comes. I just need to understand all this?! Good day to all
  12. I read that this normally done just before charge off if you can. you can try at 60days, if they say no they say no right?
  13. How long as it been since you sent the CMRRR? have you disputed online?
  14. Good luck, I had 1 60day on my credit report. i send a goodwill letter and disputed on my cr online. I guess about close to 30days later I got a letter from them stating that I was late before I requested a deferrement. BUT in another 30days I am going to try again - perhaps get the name of the President or somebody upper-head and see if that will fly. Try and see, maybe they will for you?
  15. Or where I am you can find a private owner to rent from and most times don't check the credit BUT since the fall in the housing market, you risk the chance of the property you are renting being foreclosed on (It happened to me), Once I called one rental place, they asked about my credit and I told them I had some things on my credit report(chg offs) He didnt seemed too concerned but if I had an evicition that probably would have hung me. KEEP LOOKING
  16. if that balances aren't high and she is in about 30% of utilization- then it's all good. I used to be like that in the 90's. I closed them all, now wishing I would have kept a couple today - oh well.
  17. I got the very same thing on an item I was disputing on and I didn't do anything with it. I was thinking on what to do- but then I got a letter from the OC regarding the dispute and stated my account was sold to MCM and contact them directly. That's when I decided to do a PFD letter on a settlement starting at 25% but hadn't done so yet. you can contact the OC, I am sure they will give you information you need.
  18. and this was actually Amex? Not AAC or any other goons out there? I may be wrong but working with the OC it was ok to settle over the phone. Not sure- don't shoot me! 30% isn't bad at all.
  19. In the effort to repair my credit there were some items I disputed on. HSBC was one of them. HSBC recently replied to my online dispute via letter yesterday. Bascially they told me my charge off account has been sold and gave the date, (no amount) and to whom (MCM)... which I knew, but wanted verification. I did receive another dunning letter from MCM regarding this debt, if to pay early and get a % off blah blah. I am willing to settle BUT not for what MCM wants. It's within SOL. Should I send a follow up letter (PFD/settlement) and start at 25% on $800 debt? or should start at a lesser %? Had anyone had any good results with any settlements with MCM? What do you think? Thanks
  20. wow! Be sure to keep us informed when its off your CR or not . I hope they don't sell this to someone else.
  21. YAY! I wrote a letter to my Attny General on some questions regarding mine and pending the outcome of that...they soon will be getting a 2nd letter. Good for u!
  22. I wouldn't do anything. If they sold it, it's gone. Its written it off already- Have you been getting letters from any of the CA's? I had a Nordstrom account and has been charged off - I called them because they are on my credit report but not the CA who sent me the dunning letters. I was told I had to deal with the CA directly - Have you called the OC? If you want to see if it would fly I would call them first, but I wouldn't just go and pay them online, especially without anything in writing.